The recent debate about whether or not to support Video Lottery Terminals in southern Ulster County has been punctuated by a great deal of false information. The idea that supporting Video Lottery Terminals in the Town of Rochester could somehow impact the chances of a full Class 3 Casino in Ellenville is fallacious. Instead of allowing special interests to divide Rochester and Wawarsing,  the best chance either Town has is to put up a united front.

This is not a question of "either-or." It is about uniting to tell the County and the State that this area has suffered enough, that we want and need a broader solution to our economic difficulties. That solution must include both a Class 3 Casino in Ellenville and Video Lottery Terminals in Rochester.

Only a broad solution which recreates the tourism industry in southern Ulster County can possibly hope to revitalize our County and bring us the job growth we need.

We invite you to read through the information presented in our website and make your own - informed - decision.